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Boy Scout Troop 984
(Dardenne Prairie, Missouri)
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If you have any maps, Please Email them to Lynn Ritchey (
Icon File Name Comment  
Directions to Camp Lewallen.pdf Directions to Camp Lewallen  
Map of Beaumont.pdf Map of Beaumont  
Map of Camp Lewallen.pdf Map of Camp Lewallen  
Map of Indian Camp Creek.pdf Map of Indian Camp Creek  
Map to Beaumont.pdf Directions to Beaumont Scout Reservation  
S_F Scout Ranch.pdf Directions to S_F Scout Ranch  

Local Hiking Trails

Trail  Length  Difficulty  Distance from DPC   Drive Time Hike Time (Approx) 
Lone Spring Trail (Cuivre River) 4.75 miles Easy 28.5 miles 35 minutes 3.5 hrs
Lost Valley (Short) 6.4 miles Moderate 12 miles 17 minutes 2.5 hrs
Lost Valley (Long) 10.3 miles Moderate 12 miles 17 minutes  3 hrs
Lewis and Clark Trail (Clark) 5.3 miles Difficult 10.8 miles 15 minutes  2 hrs
Lewis and Clark Trail (Lewis) 8.2 miles Difficult 10.8 miles  15 minutes  3-5 hrs
Cannon Trail (Indian Camp Creek) 6 miles Moderate 14 miles 15 minutes 3-6 hrs
DeClue Tail (Greensfelder park) 8.2 miles Moderate 25 miles  35 minutes  3-5 hrs
Quail Ridge Park Trail 4.25 miles Moderate 8 miles 10 minutes 2 hrs
Broemmelsiek Park Trail    4.8 miles Moderate 6 miles 10 minutes  2 hrs 
Matson Hill Park Trail 4.9 miles Moderate  15.3 miles 24 minutes 2 hrs 
Klondike Park Trail 4 miles Moderate  17.7 miles 26 minutes  2 hrs
Icon File Name Comment  
Broemmelsiek Park.pdf Broemmelsiek Park Trail Map  
Castlewood.pdf Castlewood State Park  
cuivre_lonespring.pdf Lone Spring Trail at Cuivre River State Park  
Greensfelder-DeClueTrail.pdf DeClue Trail at Greensfelder Park  
IndianCampCreek-CannonTrail.pdf Cannon Trail at Indian Camp Creek  
Klondike Trail Map.pdf Klondike Trail Map  
lost_valley_1.pdf Lost Valley Trail  
Matson Hill Park Map.pdf Matson Hill Park Map  
quail_ridge_trailmap.pdf Quail Ridge Park Trail  
WeldonSpring.pdf Lewis and clark trail